Car Insurance Rates

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Wasting time shopping for cheap car insurance is becoming so common nowadays, it’s practically an American pastime – albeit one without peanuts or a 7th Inning stretch. Car insurance is unique in a lot of ways, because it’s one of the few products that sales person knows you need. And when a company knows you need to have something, they’ll find thousands of little ways to make you pay just a little bit more for it.

Car insurance quotes often start out dirt cheap, but by the time they’ve factored in your driving record, credit rating and other potentially negative information, you end up with a quote that’s three times what the cute little animal on the commercial promised. The frustration that comes with having to compare all these various quotes and benefits has forced many insurance shoppers to simply accept the first rate they get and hope for the best. While this does save you from some time on the phone, it may actually be costing you a lot more in the long run.

Properly shopping for car insurance means taking the time to compare auto insurance rates and services from dozens of companies – not just the top few. This can be intimidating, but it’s the best way to gain an advantage when it comes to negotiating costs and benefits. You see, what many shoppers forget is that these companies want your business. If you start mentioning quotes you’ve received from their competitors, many agents will begin finding “discounts” they otherwise would have “forgotten about.” If you really want cheap auto insurance quotes, make the agent need you more than you need them.

And if you want to see as many of those quotes at a time as possible, the best tool you have at your disposal is the Internet. A good website will allow you to compare quotes from tons of companies – big, small and local – and see just why each quoted you what they did. Pay attention to what factors influence higher rates and lower rates and be sure write it all down. Once you get the big picture about your insurability, you’ll be better prepared to negotiate terms and find out who’s going to treat you best.

And if you do happen to be plagued by a poor driving record, never fear, there are ways that you can reduce your premium and still save yourself money. For starters, group all of your policies together. While you may only have one car, you may also have home or life insurance that can be bundled to cut costs. If that doesn’t work, you may want to skip on a few of the frills and consider a more bare bones insurance plan. You’ll miss roadside assistance and rental car coverage, but anything you’re not likely to use is a waste of money.